Sprays (Reiki Charged with Crystals)

Our most popular essential oil blends in purified water, witch hazel. Many have added flower essences and gem elixirs to amplify the vibrational impact of the pure essential oils.

Gem elixirs are vibrational liquids which capture the earth's healing vibration particular to each gemstone. Crystals and gemstones vibrational healing energy has brought comfort, insight and expansion of consciousness throughout the ages. Crystals and gemstones hold powerful vibrations that can assist in aligning our vibrational field, allowing for emotional, physical, spiritual alignment and healing.

Many of our sprays are Reiki Energy charged by our founder and Reiki Master/Naturopath, Lezlie Cebulski, ND, EFT, RM. The Reiki charged products include a quartz crystal to amplify vibration and results!

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