Client Reviews / Testimonials

“My 15 year old daughter had been suffering from compulsive type acts and facial tics for many years.  These behaviors would come and go and seemed to increase during stressful times.  Last fall, a series of very difficult events occurred which affected my daughter greatly.  During this time her facial tick became difficult to deal with and led to constant headaches.  It was then that my daughter for the first time asked for help.  I had also noticed her slowly pulling away from her family and basically seemed sad.  Over the years I had researched treatment options for my daughter but had never come up anything that didn’t have side effects and would deal with the underlying problems.  After my daughter asked for help I knew I needed to do something.  It was then that Dr. Lezlie was recommended to me.  I immediately got an appointment with Dr. Lezlie and am so thankful I did.  Dr. Lezlie addressed all the issues that were going on in my daughter’s life: fatigue, anxiety, difficulty concentrating at school, weight gain, as well as the compulsive acts and tic.  Dr. Lezlie recommended several different supplements, essential oils, Bach Flower Essences and EFT.  Within 3 days, I could see a change occurring in my daughter.  My daughter who once had been the one who made us all laugh was coming back.  She was engaging with her family once again.  She has been seeing Dr. Lezlie now for about 4 months and is doing great.  Her ability to deal with stressful situations has improved tremendously.  She is sleeping like a “normal” teenager, headaches are gone, lost weight, received good grades at school and her facial tic is no longer consuming her.  I can’t explain how happy I am to see my daughter doing so well.  Thank you Dr. Lezlie!” D. C.

“Lezlie was instrumental in helping me through one of the worst periods in my life. Since the birth of my last child I had experienced periods of depression but suffered a major depressive episode upon the loss of my job. With significant other stressors in my life that loss cast me into a pit out of which I could not escape. I suffered from chronic fatigue, fits of hysteria and anxiety, and crying spells that would last for hours. Lezlie not only brought my body back into balance, she strengthened my spirit. She is a talented practitioner and uses a variety of techniques but no pharmaceutical drugs. She is compassionate and one of the most effective listeners I’ve encountered. Not once did I feel as if she was passing judgment on me. Instead, she offered me perspective and unconditional support. I will be forever grateful and encourage others to seek her counsel and utilize her methods to the fullest extent possible.”   J.D.

“I was very frustrated and desperate when I first saw Dr. Lezlie [traditional naturopath]. I have multiple health issues. Within one month, Dr. Lezlie had me feeling much better. I have been battling GI problems for years. Within two months, Dr. Lezlie resolved some of those issues. She is amazing, really listens and treats you as a whole person. Without her, my health and quality of life would not have improved. She is truly a gift from God.” P. Moorby

“Lezlie was instrumental in changing the entire direction of my life. I was able to move so many emotional blockages with EFT. (Tapping) She gave me the courage, guidance, insight, and even the words I needed to say in order to change my occupation and my life. I have also done muscle testing with her to find different remedies my body needed. I was able to finally feel the energy and vitality I had been missing. Huge shifts happened effortlessly! Personally, professionally, emotionally, physically, mentally! She helped me to feel light again. She’s warm, inviting, fun, and real. I owe so much to Lezlie.” M. O’Dell

“When I first saw Lezlie, I thought I was doing ok in life on the outside, but inside I was really a mess.  After a few sessions, I now experience peace and joy like I never dreamed possible!   My relationships with people have changed.  People see that I am different and treat me differently.  I thank God for Lezlie.”  J. Jacks

“I really feel great about your program; it saved my life!  I wish I had met you years ago.  I feel so much better and have released guilt I have felt for years.  I really believe God sent you to me.”    Margaret  L.   91 years old

“After just two sessions, I feel like a new man!”  K.S.

“My hair had begun to shed uncontrollably. Within a matter of months, my hair length went from beyond shoulder length to nearly chin length, and was still splitting. I was also experiencing fatigue and burnout from a hectic schedule and a great deal of anxiety. I was distraught and didn’t know what to do until I happened to come across Lezlie Cebulski’s ad in a local paper. I gave her a call and began appointments She helped me to deal with anxiety and stress from the inside out. Through muscle testing, she provided the right blend of minerals and herbal remedies adapted for my specific needs. With her counseling help, I have been able to work through a world of issues, and my hair has grown back to shoulder length almost as quickly as it fell out. I both look and feel so much better! When people compliment me on my healthy hair, I tell them about Lezlie Cebulski. I highly recommend Lezlie to anyone because she focuses on complete healing for the body, soul, and spirit to reach total wellness. Thank You Lezlie!”   T.L.

“Something has really shifted in my life.  Women I have known for years are now approaching me for relationships.  I think the EFT is changing how I feel about myself.”  R.G.

“Since Lezlie has worked with my son, his confidence has increased and his [school] test scores are higher.  He has had a huge reduction in his fears & anxiety.”  K.D.O.

“Lezlie made me feel very comfortable discussing my physical conditions.  She was very informative on nutritional supplements and took the time to understand me and use EFT and Light Therapy.”  S.A.W.

“I feel as if 100 lbs. has been lifted off of me!  Thank you!  D.M.

“After over 15 years of being on an anti-depressant and over 10 years of Xanax, I am finally off of them and feeling really good.”  N.K.

After two sessions with EFT, I now have the motivation to walk daily and eat better.  In just six weeks, I lost 15 lbs. and feel really good.”  J.M.

“From the EFT sessions and nutrition, I no longer constantly crave carbs and pizza.  I had a lot of emotional memories around pizza which were sabotaging my diet.”  T.R.

Regarding Lezlie’s Medical Medium Abilities

I came to Lezlie asking if she sensed anything around my excruciating pain in my tailbone area.  She was SO accurate as to the source of the pain and clearing deep trauma.” A. Fredenthal   

“Dr. Lezlie made me customized flower essence lotions for my knees and hands which have really helped me.  I couldn’t do a lot of my crafts any more, and within the first day, I could move my hands without stiffness.  My knees hurt less too.”  J.L.