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Flower Essences

Flower essences are used at Holistic Healing & Wellness to ease stress and help process emotions which may not yet be fully recognized or understood. Flower Essences are vibrational energies similar to homeopathic remedies.

Effective to ease stress, grief, enhance learning, and clear negative emotional patterns. Bach flower remedies are one of the most spiritually based alternative therapies. Dr. Bach’s 38 original remedies were made from English flowers.

Today the number has risen to over 1,200 with producers in different countries tapping the healing power of indigenous flowers.

Customized lotions containing Bach Flower Essences are made during session. This is based on the work of German naturopath, Dietmar Kramer, who mapped the human body emotionally with corresponding Bach remedies.  Applied topically, the Bach remedies help support emotional release, rebalance the body’s energy and thereby helping the physical body to heal.  This is especially true when a physical symptom is a manifestation of emotional/spiritual imbalance.

Alaskan Essences are also used as vibrational energies to energetically release emotional patterns.  Alaskan Essences are unique as they are the only essences which combine flower, environmental and gem essences in one combination.

The combination of flower essences, color light therapy, Emotional Freedom Technique, Essential oils, nutritional healing, and spiritual counseling brings the body, mind and spirit into balance quickly.

Light Therapy, Flower Essences, & Aromatherapy Combined

Also available are products from BioSource Naturals including body-mapped, mind-body remedy lotions containing Bach flower essences, therapeutic essential oils and gem elixirs. Remedy lotions are color and sound charged to corresponding energy centers of the body.