Struggling Teen Issues

About Natural Remedies for Struggling Teens

Natural remedies for struggling teens and troubled teens are available at Holistic Healing & Wellness. Alternative medicine and energy medicine can help teenagers with acne, attention deficit, hyperactivity, anxiety, anger, and grief. Symptoms such as defiant behavior, learning issues, low self-esteem. Often emotional issues are caused by an imbalance in the physical body. Likewise, emotional issues can indirectly create physical symptoms.  We use natural alternatives as the following healing modalities.

Some of the methods used are:

Combining the above modalities accomplishes:

  • Replenish the Body for Optimal Health & Emotional Balance
  • Release Negative Emotions & Detoxify the Body
  • Reset Energy Patterns & Repattern the Brain
  • Reconnect with God & Renew Spiritually

Natural, holistic methods can be effective in relieving anxiety in children and teenagers. The following study reveals the importance of addressing childhood anxiety as early as possible.

Anxious First Graders Likely to Become Depressed Teens

This study appeared in the Journal of Early Adolescence

First and second graders who report above average levels of anxiety are more likely to be depressed as adolescents. Girls in primary grades who exhibit anti-social behaviors are particularly at risk.

Researchers from the University of Washington followed 800 children in first and second grade until they entered the eighth and tenth grades. Dr. James Mazza and his colleagues asked the children, their family, and teachers about their levels of depression, social skills, and anti-social behaviors.

“One finding from this study that is a mind-grabber is that young children can identify themselves as being anxious and depressed,” said Dr. Mazza. “We were a bit surprised because we thought they’d say, ‘My life is fun and I play a lot.'” This supports the notion that even children as young as 6 years old can provide valuable information about themselves.

Boys who display anti-social behaviors and anxiety as very young children often continue to “act out” in anti-social ways. Girls tend to turn their anxiety inward, and suffer from eating disorders, anxiety, and suicidal behaviors as adolescents.

Client Testimonials: Struggling Teens & Pre-Teens

“My 15 year old daughter had been suffering from compulsive type acts and facial tics for many years.  These behaviors would come and go and seemed to increase during stressful times.  Last fall, a series of very difficult events occurred which affected my daughter greatly.  During this time her facial tick became difficult to deal with and led to constant headaches.  It was then that my daughter for the first time asked for help.  I had also noticed her slowly pulling away from her family and basically seemed sad.  Over the years I had researched treatment options for my daughter but had never come up anything that didn’t have side effects and would deal with the underlying problems.  After my daughter asked for help I knew I needed to do something.  It was then that Dr. Lezlie was recommended to me.  I immediately got an appointment with Dr. Lezlie and am so thankful I did.  Dr. Lezlie addressed all the issues that were going on in my daughter’s life: fatigue, anxiety, difficulty concentrating at school, weight gain, as well as the compulsive acts and tic.  Dr. Lezlie recommended several different supplements, essential oils, Bach Flower Essences and EFT.  Within 3 days, I could see a change occurring in my daughter.  My daughter who once had been the one who made us all laugh was coming back.  She was engaging with her family once again.  She has been seeing Dr. Lezlie now for about 4 months and is doing great.  Her ability to deal with stressful situations has improved tremendously.  She is sleeping like a “normal” teenager, headaches are gone, lost weight, received good grades at school and her facial tic is no longer consuming her.  I can’t explain how happy I am to see my daughter doing so well.  Thank you Dr. Lezlie!” D. C.

Note:  Lezlie Cebulski, ND, EFT-ADV, RM is not licensed as a mental health professional.

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