Dietary & Lifestyle Strategies – Food Sensitivity Muscle Testing

Dietary and Lifestyle Strategies - Food Sensitivity Muscle Testing

Dietary and lifestyle strategies as well as food sensitivity muscle testing is available at Holistic Healing & Wellness. You are what you eat, as they say. An important part of feeling well physically and emotionally is eating a diet which is appropriate for you as an individual.

A variety of approaches are discussed to optimize energy, mood, wellness and weight.

  • Each client in the Trenton, Michigan office receives a food sensitivity screening with muscle testing (Applied Kinesiology) to determine if sugar, wheat, or corn sensitivities may be present.   If so, avoiding these foods or the addition of enzymes may be recommended. (Briefly, muscle testing is a way to tap into the body’s innate intelligence and energy systems.)
  • Referrals to professionals specializing in Gluten Free Cooking and Gluten Free Cookbooks.
  • Low glycemic foods and complex carbohydrates are typically recommended.
  • Sleep enhancement techniques and treatments are addressed for optimal energy and mood.
  • Protocols and supplements to restore gut health which is key to all health in both body and mind. Recent research confirms that much of mental health and neurotransmitter production is produced in the gut. Therefore, a holistic approach to health and mental health is optimal.
  • Other Health Tips