Emotion Code

Emotion Code

The Emotion Code is available in Michigan at Holistic Healing & Wellness.

Dr. Bradley Nelson, DC, wrote an amazing book called “The Emotion Code” describing in detail how we began trapping emotions in our body from a very young age. As a child, we are not working with all of the cognitive skills to make the best decisions for our lives.  We take the powerful emotions we feel at the time of an upset and since we don’t know what to do with the emotion we trap the emotion in a part of our body for safekeeping.

Those trapped emotions become blockages in our energy system and may later become physical problems that are trying to get us to remember that we have unfinished business.  Also in his remarkable book he described how we build a “Heart Wall” out of negative emotions to keep our heart safe.

We have all noticed in our own lives that we seem to struggle with the same emotional and physical problems as members of our family do.  These are our inherited or generational emotional patterns that have been handed down to us through our parents’ DNA.  All of these types of trapped emotions can be easily identified through muscle response testing (MRT) and released with the use of a simple magnet.

By combining the techniques of the Emotion Code & Emotional Freedom Technique, energetic emotional release is rapid.  Clients report feeling free and able to elevate the focus of their lives.  They go from focusing on hurts and disappointments to focusing on their hopes and dreams.