About Naturopathy

Naturopaths are often called “drugless doctors” which address wellness gaps from mental, nutritional, environmental or physical causes. Naturopathy is based upon a belief in the body’s innate God-given natural ability to heal itself when given an appropriate internal and external healing environment. Naturopaths are not involved in the practice of medicine and do not use drugs or pharmaceuticals. In reality, naturopathy deals with wellness and relief from conditions which are the result of stress whether from mental, nutritional, environmental or physical factors.

Naturopathic doctors are trained specialists in a separate and distinct healing art which uses non-invasive natural medicine.  They are not medical doctors (M.D.s). Naturopaths (N.D.s) are conventionally trained in subjects such as anatomy, physiology, counseling, dietary evaluations, nutrition, herbology, acupressure, muscle relaxation and structural normalization, homeopathy, iridology, exercise therapy, hydrotherapy, and thermal therapy.  

Naturopaths tailor the healing modality to the needs of the individual with methods which are effective for both chronic and acute problems. In practice, naturopathic doctors perform lifestyle analysis, laboratory testing, nutritional and dietary assessments, and are trained to use a wide variety of natural methods which involve the individual in the healing process.

 Naturopaths (N.D.s) have participated in a specialized course of study and received degrees in naturopathy.  Some states license naturopaths and regulate the profession.  In those states, the naturopaths must also have passed a national or state board examination and their practice is subject to review by a State Board of Examiners. 

Lezlie Cebulski is a traditional naturopath (ND) in New Boston, Michigan. She also works with clients remotely via Zoom, or telephone.